A Simple Tip for Boosting Your Dating Confidence after 50

A simple tip for boosting your self-confidence when dating after age 50

I remember what it was like when I started dating.

Before every date, I would go crazy worrying about whether a man would love me or not.

It was unbelievably stressful.

I forgot how amazing I am.

Worse, I gave my power to what someone I did not even know might think of me.

This is easy to do, especially when you read profiles of men who say things like. . . “I want a tiny, skinny professional woman with blond hair.”

You read something like that. . . Then you look in the mirror and start appreciating yourself.

Your body is twisted but things have changed, courtesy of Menopause.

You have a great job but not sure this is what this guy would want and your hair is brown. . . But you can add blonde accents if that’s what he would like.

If you read enough profiles of men where men begin to describe specific types of women they are looking for, you may begin to feel that you are simply not enough.

Even reading women’s magazines can make you Feel less than about yourself.

But I’m here to tell you that you are no less than.

You are amazing!

You just forgot and I want to see you bring back your greatness.

Yesterday, while walking with my dog, Levy, I heard a recording of a song I want to share with you that can change your feelings towards you.

I feel pretty good about myself, but even I was literally in tears to hear it.

Why? Because it’s so easy to forget how amazing you are and today I want to remind you What a special woman you are

I hope you enjoy it. . .

Who are you?

are you…. woman

You are beautiful

are you…. strong

You’re … sensitive

You like

You are a unique gem

You deserve love and affection

are you . . . Never too much and you are always enough!

are you . . . Stunning!

Just like you

are you . . . The most amazing of all God’s works

are you . . . Worth more than you could ever imagine

are you . . . Worth more than the number on the weight, the size of your jeans, more the price tags on your clothes or the shoes you wear.

are you . . . Worth more than the amount in your bank account, or the car you drive, or even the number of friends you have on social media.

Your value transcends all things on and off this planet because in the eyes of your Creator you are loved!

Remember today and every day.

are you . . . Perfect and complete just like you.

are you . . .woman

are you . . . Beautiful

are you . . . strong

are you . . .sensitive

And you . . .I liked!

A song by Mary Morrissey and Jennifer Jimenez

If this song resonates with you, I hope you pass it on to the women you treasure in your life to remind them how special they are too.

And while you’re in it. . . Read it to yourself in an audio memo and play it when you are walking or driving or just relaxing or when you had a bad date or a bad day.

It will help you remember that you are truly amazing just the way you are!

Hugs ~


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