Ask and You Shall Receive (or not… but still ask) — Dating Advice by Chloe

Last week began a four-part blog series on sex. In the first part we talked about how to move from dating to your apartment. Next week we’ll talk about foreplay, but first we have to deal with the sexiest issue of all: consent. If you want to play Pants-Off-Dance-Off, it’s always a good idea to go over the rules first. Consent can be complicated and a little vague at times, but for your safety and hers, you should always be 100% sure you both Interested and willing to do the doing before any end is done. Will you feel me?

I believe there is no need to ask permission to kiss or touch your partner, as long as you are sure she is interested. But as the evening shifts from flirting to sex, you better ask the question. You do not have to do it as a medical professional. You can make it sexy … but always wait for her response before you continue. However, there is one exception to this rule: Even if she says yes, do not have sex for the first time when she is drunk.

There is no way it is a good idea to have sex with her when she is drunk. are you only Get to know her. You do not know what her tolerance for alcohol is, what her limits are, or the type of person she is. Even if she is an active participant and it is clear that she is trying to buy a ticket to the city, do not have sex with her. The only two people in the room when they had sex are the two of you. If she wakes up in the morning with no memory of what happened, a scenario he-said-she-said would be your worst nightmare. Obviously, do not rape people – but even if it was 100% consensual, do not allow yourself to be in such a vulnerable position with someone you do not know well.

Assuming she is not wasted, trust her body language. If her body is having a hard time with your touch, she does not want you to touch her. It does not mean that she does not love you, it only means that she is not willing to make the relationship sexual. You should treat its non-verbal cues as ‘no’. If she says no, then stop. “No” does not mean “convinced me”, it does not mean “maybe” or “wait 5 minutes and try again”. If at some point she tells you to stop, the only appropriate response is to stop.

I have noticed that in some conversations with my clients, there seems to be an assumption that women need to be persuaded to have sex with you. I’m here to dispel this myth: You’ll never have to convince her to fuck you. Girls love sex, man. We really like it. Do not assume she’s some gentle princess at the top of a tower and you’re trying to lure her into your feeds cave. She’s not a princess, and even if she is, The princess will fuck. Sex is something that the entire royal dynasty depends on. You are a mature man and she is a mature woman. If you both want to have sex, then you should. If one of you hesitates, you would respect the boundaries of it. Are there any girls who will pretend to be unsure because they want you to beg for it? Sure … but do you really want to be with someone who is incapable of being honest with you? Your answer should be unequivocal.

Sex does not have to be taboo, it’s a natural part of adult relationships. Do not be afraid to talk about it. Before you stick your cock in her, ask. It really is that simple. If you are interested in checking out my services, getting a gift card for a friend, or reading what other people have said about me, contact me!

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