Famous INFJ Celebrities — Boo

Here are 20 famous INFJ personalities who share with you! INFJs are idealists and see the world through an altruistic lens. You are the rarest personality type that makes up only 1-2% of the world population. But who are the INFJs?

INFJs value integrity and hold others in their idealistic vision. They will defend their morals with fervor like you have never seen before. Because of your altruistic personality and belief in karma, you find value and purpose in helping other people in distress, for no consideration. If you are curious about INFJs in a relationship, be sure to check out our article on how to flirt with INFJ or our number of testimonials about INFJ relationships with ENFP, ENTP, And ISTP.

INFJs tend to choose a career that allows them to preserve their values, which opens them up to a wide range of jobs. You have a desire to help those around you, but some INFJ career games are famous consultants, teachers, social workers or INFJ writers. Here are 20 famous INFJ celebrities in history.