Here Are 3 Reasons Why A Man Just Disappears

When Elena met Allen, his good looks really held her breath.

He looks so handsome and sexy in his black pants, white shirt and sports jacket.

Wow. . . She could not believe how beautiful he dressed for her.

She loved that he wanted so badly to impress her.

A mutual friend introduced them so she felt comfortable with Allen’s offer to pick her up.

They headed to a local restaurant and sat outside enjoying the last days of summer, a bottle of good wine and a leisurely dinner.

Elena could not believe it.

As she sat across from Allen, she felt as if she had met the man of her dreams.

In her eyes he was amazing. . . Talk openly about anything and everything including examining the possibility of connecting with her.

He made her feel so girlish and feminine about herself, and it felt really good. And on top of all that. . . He loved doing the same things she loved to do.

She really admired this man.

The next time they met, Allen returned home and while they talked and laughed, he offered to rub her legs.

She felt like she was dead and went to heaven.

No man has ever done that.

His touch was perfect and she found herself just melting into his blue eyes and delicate hands as they talked more and more about the possibilities of being in a relationship together.

As the third date approached, Elena found herself completely in love with this man with the feeling that she had finally met her Mr. Right.

On the morning of their date, Alan sent a message that he could not do their date and he thought they should just be friends.

Elena was shocked.

Until now, everything this man has said and done screams of a desire to be in a relationship.

When she thought she had met the man of her dreams, she could not understand why he withdrew.

What happened to Elena is actually quite common and it can make you feel betrayed both by yourself and by the missing man.

Today, I want to share 3 reasons why this happens and what you can do to heal your heart if it happens to you.

#1. . . You are not alone if you have painted in your head a picture of who you think is your Prince Charming.

When it feels like he’d been on a first date. . . It’s normal to get really excited.

It fits your image of who you want.

So even before you finish your cup of coffee, it’s not uncommon to start imagining yourself in a wedding dress marching in aisle with this special guy.

Having said that. . . I want you to pay close attention to the following sentences.

1Street Dates are meeting.

2Ned Dating is for getting to know him better.

3Research and development Dating is for getting to know him better.

4God’ Dating is meant to get to know him even better.

Do you understand my drift?

Go on a date in anticipation of nothing more than meeting a new and interesting person.

that’s it.

Do not draw pictures of who he is until you have known him for some time.

These photos you paint can be a setting to get hurt once you find out he is not who he looks in his profile or on your first date.

# 2. . . Men talk out loud about what they think. That does not mean it is true!

A man can literally explore a relationship with you because he wants to, but that does not mean he is ready for it and that is probably what happened here.

Elen may have really loved Elena. . . Then he panicked and backed away until he could sort out his feelings.

Men are scared too!

The best thing you can do when you find a guy you really like is to keep dating him and other men until you both decide to form a committed and exclusive relationship together.

# 3. . . Try and not blame yourself when a man disappears.

I know it hurts when a man disappears but I want you to remember. . . It’s really unrelated to you.

It has to do with something going on inside him, whether it’s fear, confusion or just that he’s talking out loud about what he thinks he wants.

The best thing you can do is walk slowly while observing whether a new man is talking or not is who he looks.

And remember. . . One day, someone will come into your life and make you understand why it never got along with anyone else.

Hugs ~


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