How to Build Self Confidence: 4 Life-Altering Hacks

How to build self-confidence? This is a million dollar question! When it comes to dating, relationships and love, self-confidence is everything. You have the confidence to put yourself out there and offline, the courage to flirt, to take the chance to be a ghost and rejection, the confidence to take a risk and let someone love you. Take a risk and accept a commitment … or not.

For example, Chloe, a 43-year-old with a curve, was pretty pretty but she was unaware of it. She had the kind of character that would grab the attention of guys all the time. But she just did not see it. Literally. All this flirtatious attention went right over her head – because she just did not have self-confidence.

In fact, she would obediently go out to dinner with her friends and not see that the cute waiter was really beating her. Her girlfriends had to point this out, and even then, Chloe became shy and tongue-tied when he brought the next course. Chloe felt so disappointed in the dating world. Maybe you felt that way too.

But Chloe has gotten herself a fairy godmother (more on that later – and yes, they do exist, but as specially trained coaches!). And Chloe’s coach taught her a powerful exercise to drive away the blues of her one-nose girl. In this blog you will learn exactly what Chloe’s Fairy Godmother taught her to do – it’s called The Own Your Success Exercise. It got Chloe right out of her shell! She was able to get out there and start dating really good guys.

How to Build Self-Confidence: Own Your Successes, Small and Large!

We are wired to look and focus on what went wrong or what is missing in our lives, just by our brain functioning. We forget where we came from and what we overcame and how unstoppable we are. And we do not give ourselves credit for change and growth. It tends to drag all the hopelessness of our past into our present and future. The danger is that if we do not pay attention to the good aspects of the new life we ​​are creating, we could miss out on wonderful opportunities. For example, you can meet the most wonderful prince in the world and still be miserable !!!

It is absolutely critical to retrain our minds to discern what is right, and how far we have come. And be the owner of it and be grateful. Yes, it’s there. You have successes! Everyone! In fact, there are things you did that were amazing – surprising and wonderful. This is your big one. But these are also the wonderful events that we tend to forget. And foolishly remember situations where we have failed, even if it is only in some small way.

Now, here’s a 4-step exercise that will help you connect with your successes, so you can gain self-confidence and increased personal empowerment in your love life, just like Chloe did.

How to Build Self-Confidence: Step 1. Remember the period when you did something you are proud of.

Remember the time when you achieved something that others or you yourself said was “impossible” to do. Or a time when you achieved something that made you very proud. Something to do with dating or love – like seeing the attractiveness of your body, finding a great friend for a while, being chased by a cutie who signed up from you, even something as small as finding that special outfit that makes your beauty start popping!

How to build self-confidence: Step 2. A diary of the challenges you have overcome

First, write about the obstacles and challenges and how you overcame each of them to successfully produce this achievement. For example, Chloe found her greatness by turning her negative self-talk about her weight and body into a more positive interpretation of her “fierce curves” and “her horse.” She wrote about the obstacles she overcame – which were related to her parents, who always called her plump. And a jealous sister, who called her “the bloom” and tended to wonder what Chloe looked like in creative costumes.

How to Build Self-Confidence: Step 3. Identify Your Successful Mindset, Strengths and Unique Behaviors

For example, Chloe has developed the mindset that she “will never give up” when it comes to love for herself. Her unique strength was that she had the emotional ability to take some distance from her critical family. And her behavior, which her coach asked her to do every day was to look in the mirror and tell herself she was kind and charged. You may have other thinking patterns that serve you, like “I’m tough,” or other strengths, like your ability to analyze a situation that is not good for you. Or, for example, as the ability to look for excellent training or loving input.

How to build self-confidence: Step 4. Create a certificate based on these breakthroughs

Here are some examples you can use:

  • Do not worry, with (Enter your mindset, strength and behavior) – I have no restraint to find uplifting love.
  • When I make a decision, I gratefully achieve what I want for myself.
  • I have been blessed to fulfill the impossible.
  • With divine grace I am unstoppable when it comes to finding the one.
  • To my delight I achieve the impossible.
  • God happily and creatively helps me achieve the love I want.

Post your certificate where you can see it and put your full attention to it for a few seconds each day. It will begin to retrain your mind to focus on your successes and personal empowerment, in a big way.

So when you do these steps to build self-confidence you will be amazed at how you begin to see yourself differently – as a person who is on her unique journey of love, overcoming obstacles and moving on !!! And you.

In fact, if you want more support, you can get it! I have helped women around the world get an invaluable twin soul love … without eroding dates. how? Through training that raises their self-confidence, in a way that no coach or matchmaker does. So sign up for the free self-confidence turbo charging session here.

How to build self-confidence