How to Enjoy Love on Valentine’s Day as a Single Woman

As we approach the impending Valentine’s Day on February 14th, there are so many emotions that can arise. Naturally, if you are single and looking for love, Valentine’s Day can feel like an impending bad day, full of bouts of sadness, loneliness or exclusion, but it does not have to be that way.

Sure, February may be as full of red and pink hearts as the eye can see and scream “be mine” at every turn, but the holidays are a time to celebrate and find joy, so don’t let a season of love pass you by without embracing all that it can be in your life . Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate love, no matter what form it may take for you in the present moment. Embrace the season of life you are in and find ways to spread and share love with yourself and others.

Self-care is not selfish

As women, we have heard about the importance of self-care in countless ways throughout our lives. Due to the outbreak of the plague, self-care has become a trending issue that seems to be making its mark in the world. Although self-care is essential for self-growth and a healthy overall sense of self-love, it can be overused and clichéd. Self-care is more than just spa days and sheet masks.

Self-care is about maintaining your serenity, creating space in your life for those you see as part of your future and living your wildest dreams and aspirations without apology. On holidays, or at times when we feel less, self-care is especially important. The more you have heard about the importance of a self-care routine in your life, lean more on it as a way of life compared to a fine plan that tells you you need to do X, Y or Z to be happy and. healthy.

Self-care is a mindset that should be a part of who you are, so, on Valentine’s Day, embrace the idea of ​​self-care by taking care of your mental and emotional health. And remember, Valentine’s Day is only one day a year, so do not stress too much about it. It will pass quickly as it gets closer.

Single mothers and self-care

It is often difficult to find time for self-care given the busy life that many of us lead, even during an epidemic. Self-care as a single mother can be especially challenging. Often, you navigate the world on your own, putting your child’s needs above your own. Although this idea is natural and implemented most of the time, you need to find some time to take care of it. As said, it is impossible to pour from an empty glass.

If you are a single mother, or even if you are not, here are some ways to pamper yourself with occasional self-care:

  • Find a yoga video You can do at home and enjoy during your child’s lunch or school day.
  • Try a new recipe Only for yourself.
  • Pick up a book And lose yourself in the plot line. Treat yourself to 30-60 minutes of reading before bed each night.
  • Write daily goals And mantras to maintain motivation and concentration.
  • Spend time outside Several times a week.

Celebrate you on this Valentine’s Day

This year, rewrite the script on what Valentine’s Day is in your life. Turn off the outside noise and turn inside out to find ways to celebrate everything you have done, everything you are and all the goals you have in store for 2021. As women, we can get caught up in the hype of the holidays. Do not let the exaggerated embellishments, ads, sweet nothingness or posts of others on social media ruin your inner peace. Block out the noise and take a mental break from social media to focus on your happiness.

My experts’ tips on how to celebrate you on this Valentine’s Day include:

  • Pencil on a girl’s trip – Gather your single friends and plan a trip or dinner together on Valentine’s Day to celebrate each other and break free. When the epidemic is in full swing, you might consider doing something virtual, like sipping and chatting.
  • Pamper yourself on a spa day – Treat yourself to works, manicures, pedicures, haircuts, massages and facials and spend your whole day indulging in it so that you can spend the night feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.
  • – Take yourself on a date. Go to your favorite restaurant and enjoy a special meal, with dessert and drinks included. If you want to stay more modest, especially because of COVID-19, order from your favorite restaurant and be pampered at home. While you enjoy the food and drink, keep a diary and write down 10 things you like about yourself. Celebrate you and put it on paper it improves instant mood.
  • Treat yourself to a new wardrobe item – Whether you’re in the business of clothes or jewelry, go shopping and treat yourself to something that celebrates you. Another fun idea would be to buy yourself flowers. Nothing refreshes your space and brings joy like a beautiful bouquet.
  • Get some more ZZZs – Sleep is a luxurious thing and often unappreciated. Take advantage of the day to sleep and enjoy the time at home.
  • Connect with a friend who admires you – There’s nothing more enjoyable than spending a night with your best friend. Plan ahead so you have an Valentine’s event to look forward to. Spend a few hours on something you both love; Everything from hiking, social walking to drinks and dinner. Connections can also occur virtually, so if you want to maintain a social distance, meet each other in a video chat and indulge in a much needed girl talk.
  • Events Dress – Whether you go out or stay indoors, find a cute outfit that suits Valentine’s mood. From adorable heart pajama sets to a sexy red dress for an outdoor dinner, there are endless options to choose from.
  • Enjoy a movie marathon – There may be no better way to pass the time than to enjoy your favorite movies or TV series. Spend the day snacking on some delicious treats and getting lost in the magic of photography.

Ways to spread love to others in your life

If you love the idea of ​​self-indulgence on this Valentine’s Day but want to be more social or show others how much you care, there are ways to find happiness while spreading love to others.

Here are some great ideas for spreading love on this Valentine’s Day:

  • Book a double massage – At a local spa and invite your single friend to join you safely.
  • Have a virtual party for your single friends – Send each other surprises in the mail and share instantly together virtual, near or far. Some fun gift ideas include: chocolates, flowers, fun trivia games that you can play together in a video chat or a surprise dessert from their favorite local place, sent via UberEats or DoorDash.
  • Send flowers to others – Whether it’s your parents, family or other single friends, flowers are sure to put a smile on the face of both the recipient and yours. The gift of giving never disappoints.
  • Send a text message to the person you like – Tell your family and friends how much you love and appreciate them on Valentine’s Day. A simple text message (or phone call) can go a long way.

Be single on Valentine’s Day This is not a reason to avoid the holiday together. A celebration of love can (and should!) Take place in all seasons of your life. Embrace the feeling of Valentine’s Day without feeling heavy from the idea that you need a partner to enjoy it. Celebrate yourself and others on this Valentine’s Day and the love of the holiday will shine.

Finding love can seem overwhelming. Celebrating love as a single woman over the age of 40 can feel consuming. Self-care will lead to more self-confidence that will help you attract a great guy. When you take care of yourself you have higher standards and you are able to ask for what you need without fear. When you care about yourself, you are no longer willing to let men treat you badly.