Let’s Talk about Sex, baby! — Dating Advice by Chloe

Smash, destroy, freak out, freak out, hit ugly, poop, take someone to town, Get to know someone in the biblical sense, The beast with two backs, riding a pony of Bologna … Let’s suffocate! Today is Valentine’s Day, and I’ve been a busy week with guys freaking out. Some are worried about whether a girl likes them or not, some are worried about how to invite her out on a date, but most are worried about how the night will end. It makes sense … Valentine’s Day is for lovers. The origins of the holiday are in the ancient Roman festival Lopercalia, which celebrated the arrival of spring and included fertility ceremonies and the mating of men and women in the lottery. Fortunately, modern Romeo does not have to rely on a chance to sign the deal. So let’s dive into how to know if she craves D and how to keep her smiling happily.

Here’s a shock to no one: when it comes to expressing interest, many women suck at using their words. It is a by-product of socialization; Do you know the difference between Yoni Caliber and Gal Gadot? Damn 50 years. The phenomenon of women being allowed to be adventurous and sexual creatures is quite new. All this does not mean that they do not tell you what they want. You just have to learn how to speak their language, and A woman’s mother tongue is body language. It seems to be a challenge for the modern gentleman, and I understand why. as per Consumer Advocate, 40% of couples meet online. Online dating is great (and I’m not just saying this because it’s my livelihood), but switching from texting to reading non-verbal signals the first time you meet someone in person can be a little daunting. Luckily, you have me on your side.

If she leans over you during the conversation, plays with her hair, exposes her wrists, maintains prolonged eye contact (do yourself a favor and google “sex eyes”), find a way to touch you, play with the stem of her wine glass. , A straw or other instrument in a vague phallic form – she’s trying to show you she’s interested. On the other hand, if she keeps looking down at her phone, constantly looking around the room, folding her arms across her chest or leaning away from you – it probably will not happen, bro. Once you learn to decipher its body language, you can read it like a book.

If she does use her words, make sure you listen. As the conversation becomes a flirtatious observation, she becomes interested. If there is a moment when the brawl becomes a sexual tension that is almost noticeable, do not look away, ride with it so high. These are the first stages of the foreplay, she feels you and explores your sexual relationship. Panic is your worst enemy in this situation because it inhibits your ability to communicate with it in a real way. As the date draws to a close, do not allow your nerves to reach you, because she is going to gently show you what she wants, and if you are stuck in your head you will miss it. A woman who plans to go home alone after your date will move on purpose. She will probably take her keys out of her wallet when she goes to her car, she may yawn a few times to indicate that she is tired, or look down at her phone to indicate that she has other plans. If she is waiting for you to make a move, she will slow down, turn her body in your direction and give you time to lean in for a kiss. If you’re not sure yet, get close to her. If she’s not interested, she’s likely to take a step back. If she’s interested, she’ll probably look you up, or get closer. Start slow and move up – pushing your tongue down her throat is usually not a good move for the first kiss of the night. Be sensual, be naughty, listen to her physically. Think of kisses as dancing: Take the lead but be attentive to your partner.

The kiss is amazing, you fall apart, look into her eyes and feel the magic in the air. Now is the moment. How do you request that the night continue? “I’m having a lot of fun. Would you like to go back to my place for a drink?” You can also ask her to return to your place to watch a movie, pet your dog, or look at your Nicholas Cage signature. She does not say yes to a drink, she says yes to spending time with you alone. Nothing in the present, if you say you “had” nice, you’re done dating. Instead, offer a fun sequel to what has already been a lovely evening. Most women who agree to return to your place have already decided or are actively considering having sex with you. At the very least, it means she is interested in spending time with you alone, which means she likes you and trusts you. nice man.

Over the next few weeks I will be going over the other three parts of this blog series: foreplay, consent and the big S word (fucking). If you need help pimping your dating profiles, creating chemistry, reading body language, or want to get a gift card for a friend, contact me.

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