Melanie and Toby — mysinglefriend blog

“We got engaged on an abandoned beach in Barbados in 2011. We had our daughter then (she was 8 months old) and we were with her and my son. At this point he called Toby ‘Dad’ for a while and our daughter completed our family. Toby behaved a little strangely. The day we got engaged. He was pretty on edge and I thought something was wrong! He went for a walk with our daughter, then signaled to my son and I to come. Then he knelt with her and wrote in the sand ‘Will you marry me?’ But he said ‘Will you marry us!’ It was a very special moment, just the four of us on the beach. There were some tears!

“We got married a year later in 2012 at the Farley Estate in Dorset. It was such a special day with friends and family and with our kids. Our son did a reading and introduced the rings. We had a last minute getaway honeymoon, but with two kids it was not Your typical honeymoon !! We had a lovely week together but we hope to go and make a ‘real’ honeymoon on our 10 year wedding anniversary, just the two of us!