My Husband Checks Out Other Women

It all started when you kept noticing that your husband was checking on other women. And your jealousy just increased from there. You may have raised sharp accusations, started shouting, fainted or made your spouse pay in the bedroom. Feeling justified, righteous; Worried and sure your spouse was wrong.

What you really wanted was security and love – of the glorious unconditional kind. Sometimes you got it. Sometimes you did not. Sound familiar?

Most of us have had a few incidents with the monster called Jealousy. We all know that jealousy can cause painful heartbreak, masses of anxiety and outbursts that have spiraled out of control. And it can certainly lead to emotional betrayal and outright affair. So here are 4 typical situations where you catch your husband checking on other women. And after you finish reading, be sure to grab the video at the end where I help the reader with this issue.

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Husbands Examining Other Women: Condition 1

Suppose your partner spends what seems like a lot of time laughing at cute jokes. The same anxious feeling of jealousy in your stomach can show you that your partner is desirable to you. We have a tendency to downplay the value of anyone who wants to be in a club that we will be a member of. Plus after a while of a relationship, the sparks tend to die out. So seeing someone verify your partner’s attractiveness is a good thing. It’s a fan of the sparks you still have for your partner. This green flash in your eyes is a sign that you still care and want him or her.

Husband Tests Other Women: Condition 2

He talks to a hot girl and the waves of insecurity and negative self-talk roll over you until you almost drown in them. She has such thin thighs… .My thighs are fat…. She’s so bubbling … and I’m bored. He’s smooth, knows what to say … I never seem to please her.

Husband Checks Other Women: Situation 3

If you see your spouse noticing some well-groomed and shapely person, you may be jealous and angry. But it’s also an opportunity for you to reevaluate your priorities like going to the gym more regularly. If you see your partner flirting with a girl or guy who looks good, you may worry that they are going to the nearest bedroom. What do these worries mean to you and not to your spouse?

Husband Tests Other Women: Condition 4

Your partner gives someone a lot of attention, listens attentively or makes eye contact. You think: I need more than that. More attention, more compliments, more affection, more sex.

Husband Checks Other Women: The Patch

So you will definitely work to make it happen. When you feel jealous, think about what you might need from your spouse. And use positive and direct speech to request it, both in bed and out of bed. For example, you could say, “Honey, I’d be happy if you rub my shoulders and tell me how sexy my neck is.” If you feel loved and grounded in your relationship, you are less likely to be jealous. If you’re fresh from a night of passion and “I love you” you are hot and another person can not compete!

What if you can not turn jealousy?

Of course, some of us have chronic and major struggles with jealousy. In fact, if you have the same scenario playing over and over again where the anger and fighting continue to erupt, you may have a serious problem with the green-eyed monster. This often happens if your spouse has cheated on you in the past or if you are terribly unsure about your attractiveness to your spouse. The type of saga may continue with one lover after another. This is because of choosing players or people who do not like you or provoke good partners to betray your constant accusations.

Serious and chronic jealousy is a form of paranoia that destroys love. You may want to consider coaching relationships to learn how to turn your jealousy around. So rest assured and watch the short video below in which I answer the concern of a reader whose husband examines other women.