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POF and Match.com are two of the most popular online dating sites in the world. Both have millions of active users, and both serve as people looking to date and meet new people – as well as develop a serious relationship with someone (and maybe even get married).

Naturally, POF and Match have their own unique differences to stand out from each other. For example, you can send and receive messages for free in POF, but you need to upgrade your account to do so in Match.

So which dating site is right for you?

I signed up for both sites and checked them out. I used both the free version and the premium version and wrote the POF vs Match review guide to help you make a better decision about the sequel. I will compare their features, their pricing plans, and examine who they are ideal for – and for whom they are not ideal.

lets start.

Who is POF for?

Those looking for a relationship – POF is used by millions of people who want something serious, and there are many cases of people who have met their life partner in this app.

Those looking for new friends – If you are new to the city or town and just want a new member, POF can provide it.

Singles “Just Looking For” – Not sure what you want? That’s totally cool. There are so many people using POF, including people who are just looking to see what’s out there. Unlike some dating apps, there is no pressure on anyone.

People who work on a budget POF can be sent and received for free, making it ideal for those who want to date on a limited budget.

Singles who want to connect – POF is more or less for anyone and everyone, including those who just want a casual sex encounter.

Who is POF for?

Anyone who wants to get married – Yes you tin Use POF to find your soul mate. But since it is not for those who want to get married, you may end up wasting your time wading through millions of profiles.

Those who hate fake profiles – POF is one of the worst dating sites when it comes to fake profiles. If you hate fake profiles, you may want to avoid this profile.

Anyone who does not have time to waste – Due to its nature, it can take time to succeed in POF. If you do not have time to waste (or time to waste time), POF may not be for you.

Who is Match suitable for?

Singles who want to settle down and get married – If your main plan is to settle down and get married, Match markets in your demographic.

Divorced and Widowed – There is often a stigma for divorcees and widows who use dating apps, but since Match is for older adults who want to settle down, divorcees and widows have good success rates here.

People who have a place in their budget To send and receive messages, you must be a premium member of Match.

Singles who take dating seriously – Dating online is not easy, and many apps are full of people who just do not take it seriously. However, user matching.

Mature adults – Match is also used by younger adults, but its main user base is older adults aged 26+.

Who is Match Not suitable for?

Anyone looking for a connection – Matching is only for those who are looking for something serious.

Singles who want a free dating app – There’s almost nothing you can do in Match as a free member.

People who want instant success – Many users lock themselves in a 6 or 12 month contract on Match because they know that success in online dating takes time. If you are expecting instant online dating success, Match may not be the site for you.

POF: Everything you need to know

POF – also known as Plenty of Fish – was launched in 2003. Back then, it was largely a free dating app, and today you can still access many of its features for free.

Not much has changed over the years also in terms of its user base. POF has always been seen as a dating app for anyone and everyone – those looking for something serious, those looking to meet new people, and those looking for a relationship. Because it’s free, all types of people continue to sign up for the app.

Free friends can send and receive messages while upgrading to a premium account allows you to see who liked you, as well as whether someone read your message or not.

Naturally, being a free app means that POF has attracted a huge number of fake profiles. This continues to attract counterfeits, even though its customer service team works extremely hard to delete them as soon as possible.

However, it is still a serious dating app that allows people to create an account only after completing a personality test. This test – which runs on over 100 questions – is designed to improve the quality of the accommodations you receive.

Match: Everything you need to know

Match is one of the oldest online dating sites in the area. It was established in 1995 and since then has grown a reputation as one of the most trusted, reliable and secure dating sites in the world. It currently has over 8 million paying members.

Its user base is mostly made up of those who are looking for something serious. Indeed, Match comes with a guarantee that users get an extra six months of membership for free if they do not find a suitable match during the first six months. Moreover, since there is not much you can do as a free member, many users there is Take Match seriously.

The place where Match has always stood out from many competitors is with its matchmaking service. To complete your registration, you must complete a personality questionnaire, and Match uses your answers to provide you with suggested profiles for the rest of your membership.

You can also search profiles using the advanced search function, but you can not see who viewed or “liked” or sent you a message unless you upgraded your account.

POF vs. Match: User Base

POF has a very large user base, mainly because of the popularity of POF and the fact that it is free to send and receive messages. There are currently over 150,000,000 singles registered for POF, while the number of active members stands at about 4,000,000.

In terms of age, POF users typically enter the 25-35 range, and there are well over 3,000,000 daily entries. The US is the largest user base of POF, although the UK and Australia are not far behind. 11 languages ​​are commonly spoken daily among members.

Match, on the other hand, boasts 20,000,000 free members and 8,000,000+ paying members. Over 50% of them are based in the US, and the rest mainly in Europe. The user base consists mostly of singles, and a significant portion is separate or divorced.

In terms of age, Match’s user base is dominated by age groups 35-45, which implies that indeed, many users are separated or divorced, while some of them have children. The number of males slightly exceeds the females by about 55% to 45%,

POF vs. Match: Profiles

POF profiles are a bit of a ‘fit’ combination. Some users take POF very seriously and fill out their profiles so that they are quite detailed, and some users are just looking to see what’s out there – and maybe just adding a line or two, as well as some interests to their profile.

However, because of POF it is mandatory for each user to upload some images and add something (Including POF title) For their profile, one can know a little something about each member you come across here.

Match users, on the other hand, split between free members and paying friends. All members must add basic information to their profile – including their age, location and job status – but paying members add more information.

There are, in fact, 8,000,000 members paying in Match worldwide. These are mostly between the ages of 25 and 40, and everyone can take advantage of the profile builder to put together a detailed and informative profile. Unlike POF, Match’s paying friends are for the most part all looking for a serious and committed relationship.

The free friends, meanwhile, are mostly just looking to surf and see what’s out there. Some will upgrade their account, but many will simply look for an alternative and more affordable dating site.

POF vs. Match: Premium Features

Both POF and Match have premium features that can make it easier for people to find dates. However, Match has more than POF, which POF instead offers members more free features.

As a paying member in POF, you get to see who has viewed your profile, and you can also see if someone has read your post yet or not. You also get access to the “Favorites” feature, which automatically places your messages at the top of someone’s inbox. This is a useful feature on a site like POF, where users often receive hundreds of messages.

You can also purchase tokens and send virtual gifts.

In Match, even sending and receiving messages is a premium feature. You can see who only saw you when you are a paying friend. Other premium features include Real Talk, which provides you with a number of icebreakers to help you start a conversation with a new match, as well as Boost, a key feature that makes your profile more visible in search results for 60 minutes.

You can also match with people that Match herself did not recommend and have a voice conversation with another friend. Overall, Match’s premium features are deeper than POF’s, but POF allows you to do more as a free member.

In terms of costs, a POF upgrade will cost around $ 15 per month for the cheapest plan, while Match prices start at $ 15 per month if you lock yourself into a 6-month contract.

POF v. Match: Final Judgment

POF and Match are equally tailored when it comes to their user base, which means your decision will likely amount to what you are looking for and whether you are willing to pay extra for a premium account.

Success can be found in POF as a free member, but compromise is fake profiles and a variety of people looking for different things. On the other hand, Match is more expensive, but it is used by serious dates who know exactly what they are looking for, and it also comes with better quality features.

So, if you know exactly what you are looking for, Match is the clear winner here.

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