Self-love, Portraits and Feeling Beautiful

Have you ever done a portrait session with a professional photographer? If so, how did it feel? To be honest, I resemble my body and appearance on a fairly regular basis. But my photography has never been something I look for. In fact, I avoid being photographed as much as possible. I just do not like to look at myself. I remember getting the proof from my wedding and all I could do was feel awful that my ass looked big and one of my eyebrows always looked much higher than the other! What should have been a commemoration of a significant day in my life was just me judging myself. I guess I’m not alone in my self-judgment.

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting virtually Tristan Anderson, An East Coast-based photographer whose client base focuses on middle-aged women. He found me on Instagram and very quickly we realized we share the same mission of helping women of a certain age thrive.

As I got to know Tris, I became his fan as he is mine. He specializes in portrait sessions for women and his philosophy and process show an incredible understanding of what women want and need. He knows that women in their 40s or 50s have experienced some shit, have had a variety of experiences and as a result have a more authentic kind of self-confidence. His process is designed to open up this depth of life experience and capture it in beautiful images. Tristan believes that every single woman is beautiful and understands that women do want to be seen and loved. Damn yes for that!

I am impressed by the consideration and care that Tristan engages with his clients. It gives every woman a tremendous amount of time and energy, including several meetings before the day of the photo shoot to build a relationship and trust in advance. True familiarity with his subject is a central part of the process. He makes it incredibly convenient for his customers by giving them a package with instructions for the big day. A pre-selected wardrobe so you feel confident about your choices. Spa appointments are booked so you look and feel your best. I think it’s a lovely process that undoubtedly leads to an amazing and safer feeling in front of the camera. He thought of every detail to make the meeting an amazing experience!

I so loved understanding Tristan’s portrait business that I’m going to have a meeting with him soon. And maybe even organize a group of women in Chicago so he can take a trip here and photograph us all! We all deserve to feel beautiful.

Take a look at some pictures of some of the women Tristan took in his process:

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