Thank You Netflix For The F**K It List

The most popular article on this blog, by far, is Make your bucket list your Fuck-It list.

Although Takes One is mostly a dating blog, it seems that my specific section on how I live it has really resonated among viewers. We all have this list of things we want to achieve and experience, and sometimes we just need a little push to get started. You know that the best stories in life tend to start with them Fuck it.

However, a few days ago, the number of viewers of this article literally exploded. Much more than usual. Landscapes from all over the world, some from countries I’ve only heard of before in Jeopardy maybe. I understand that this is because Netflix recently released a movie called F ** k-It list.

It’s about a high school senior whose life falls apart before his eyes. He decides to tackle by creating an af ** k it list, a collection of things he wants to do. What a great idea.

I team Netflix on Hulu and Disney + all day, every day. Thank you for using such a great idea to create this movie, and inadvertently bringing so much traffic to my blog. Really appreciate it. The reviews of the film do not look so hot. If anyone from Netflix is ​​reading this, please feel free to contact, and I will help you create a suitable one. Or if you want to sponsor me, that too would be cool. Need only one.