What are some natural remedies cold sores?

Normally, the virus is transmitted to another person by touching the colds or active blisters of an infected person, but for some people with herpes there are no wounds or blisters even then the herpes virus can be transmitted. When you are infected with the herpes virus, then you get cold sores or blisters on your body Herpes symptoms. For most people, these sores and blisters will disappear from their body within a week or two, but for a few people will get blisters or wound outbreaks again.

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Most people worry after they know they have been diagnosed with the herpes virus, some people even go into depression and try to commit suicide because it is the end of life. The herpes simplex virus is a communicable disease and yet, you can enjoy your life as before. The herpes virus can be transmitted by oral interaction as a kiss from the person infected with herpes will lead you to be infected with the herpes virus. Not just kissing, using the lips, mug, fork or razor of infected people will lead to the same thing.

Treatment of herpes Is not available anywhere, but still, you can manage your life as you wish by taking a number of natural remedies for cold sores and blisters. Let’s take a look at the same homemade remedies for cold sores;

  • ice: By using ice to compress the cold sore, you can get rid of the pain. Be careful not to use ice directly on the skin, pack the ice in a cloth and compress the wound.
  • Painkillers: To overcome the pain of the cold sore, use a painkiller like acetaminophen for some relief of the pain.
  • Aloe vera gel: The gel used for sunburn may help you cure cold sores. Most laboratory research has reported that aloe vera gel also fights the herpes simplex virus.
  • Anti creams: While you are getting rid of cold sores on your skin, try using anti-cream creams available at the pharmacy to keep your skin soft in the healing process.
  • Avoid triggers: You should avoid leaving your home in hot temperatures or lead a stressful life as these can lead to cold sores. By avoiding these conditions, you may not receive medication Cold sores But at least they will not get worse.

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