Why being single at Christmas is the best — mysinglefriend blog

Christmas can feel like a complicated time if you are single. Instagram is full of beloved couples who wear Christmas towers and exchange gifts, festive movies like Love Actually push the romance and it’s easy to feel a little flat. However, there are some very big plus points in being single at Christmas – here’s why a solo flight at this time of year is actually the best.

You do not have to visit the in-laws

Choosing with whom to spend Christmas is a minefield when you have a spouse and this year it will be even worse because only three households are able to mix over a very short period of time. And if you decide to forgo a meeting with your immediate family and spend it with your spouse, there is no guarantee that you will not end up wishing you were somewhere else. When you are single you can please yourself, which is a real luxury so enjoy it as long as you can.

You can avoid the stress of giving a gift

For many couples, gift giving comes with a large amount of stress. Will you spend about the same amount, or will someone splash too much? What if your other half barely invests thought when you’ve scanned the internet for hours for the right thing? What if you went down hints for months and it turns out they are completely deaf when it comes to your desires? If you do not have a spouse to give him a gift, you will not have to worry.

You can expect to meet someone

Despite what we may be hoping for in terms of romance and togetherness, Christmas can actually put a huge strain on relationships. If a couple has already spent too much time together in 2020, Christmas will only exacerbate this excessive acquaintance and general nervousness. If you are single you can spend Christmas in a dream about someone wonderful that you are going to meet next year instead of getting upset about your spouse because he has again placed the wrong decorations.

You can revoke your consent completely

Everyone needs to spend one Christmas doing exactly what they want without commitments, so why not make it your own? Spend it with a bunch of like-minded friends or go for it all on your own and spend the day watching whatever you want on TV, or go for a long walk. The end of the year is a great time to reflect on your life and put yourself in a great main space for 2021.

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