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Did you know that improving your diet can make your date more successful? Tamar Samuels tells us how to be healthier and sexier!

Tamar Samuels is involved in improving nutrition. The founder of Colina Health, She is a health coach and RD who specializes in helping people change their health behaviors. Providing knowledge and education is only a small part of the puzzle when it comes to making changes. The hard part is applying the things you know you need to do on a consistent basis. It requires a huge amount of support, change of thinking, goal-oriented goals, cooperation and motivation. Coaching includes positive psychology, neuroscience, and behavior change techniques to achieve this.

In this episode of Last Date Radio Date:

✓ Why Tamar became a health coach

✓ How it motivates people in improving their diet

✓ How to lose weight after menopause

✓ How people can go on a date and go out to meals while staying healthy

EP 475: Tamar Samuels – Improving nutrition to support mental and physical health

Tell us why you came to health training.

I did not know it was a career. I wanted to be a therapist! I struggled with my health issues, always related to food. I was afraid to eat. The restriction led to a strained relationship with food. I sought support from nutritionists and found a balance that worked for me. That’s how I fell for nutrition. I love helping people from a behavioral perspective, and I have started a health career.

How do you motivate people to make changes in their diet?

People get stuck in a few things. Most people have had years of failures when it comes to nutrition and their health. We live in a diet-focused culture. Trying and failing hurts people and confuses them about what to eat. I like to focus on changing thinking by focusing on a person’s unique needs and in relation to food. They feel more confident making a change. I come from a power-based approach, letting my clients lead and tell me what they want, and that’s empowering.

Many of our clients are postmenopausal and are struggling with weight gain and other side effects.

Many people wait for a date until they have lost weight. Do not wait! Your body weight and size should not be a barrier to dating. Give yourself kindness. We can not fight aging. Our metabolic rate slows. Accept that it is okay and normal.

Increase strength training and exercise in general. Muscle mass decreases with age. Increase it with exercise. Make sure you have enough protein in all meals and snacks. Add yogurt, nuts. Most people eat more carbohydrates than protein and fruits and vegetables.

Do not give up meals. It can raise blood sugar levels and disrupt our hormone regulation.

How can people go on a date and go out to eat, keep a healthy track, and still have fun?

Have fun! All foods can be incorporated into a healthy diet. You can drink alcohol and cake, but focus on the big picture. Pay attention to your calorie and sugar intake on days when you are not dating, so you can eat what you want. We planned and were directed. Look at your week in advance. Increase your training.

Can you share a customer story?

I have a client who was diagnosed with cancer and was 100 pounds overweight. Through chemotherapy and radiation, she lost weight, but gained most of it back after treatment. I work with her on a healthy weight loss program, and she has lost 30 pounds in a sustainable way. She still enjoys the food she loves while losing weight.

What advice do you have for anyone who wants to go on his last first date?

Give yourself permission to try things. In the process of change, try things. It’s easier when you have a support system. The experimental approach is what works, get a little out of your comfort zone.

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