11 Key Signs You Should Keep Trying in a Relationship

You may be wondering whether to stay or go in your marriage or relationship. Or, you ask yourself, what are the main signs that you should keep trying in your relationship? It can be so confusing that often you can not see the forest because of the trees.

First, you fall in love and everything looks perfect – a match from heaven. Then you argue, and things go south in a big way. You may feel disrespectful, unheard, unappreciated. You may feel lonely and unloved by your spouse at times. In fact, you may even feel that you do not like or dislike your spouse and should end it once and for all.

Then things get better between you and your loved one. So you think to yourself, I do want to solve things.

Of course, then the old pattern of banging heads and disappointment begins anew.

But the thing is, all relationships have problems and obstacles! Everyone. Even the pampering lovy-dovey you see on Instagram! Yes. So maybe yours saves labor. In fact yours can turn out to be great love!

The main issue to look at is What is the trend in my relationship? How is my marriage changing? Does it get better with time? Is my partner growing up and becoming a better match for me? In fact, if these questions are answered in the affirmative, you could end up with an almost perfect partner in the future! Which means that even if your spouse is not great right now, ending things right now can amount to throwing a love relationship that will be amazing. So here are my 11 key signs that you should keep trying in a relationship.

# 1: Keywords to keep trying in a relationship

Does your spouse become more helpful or caring, even in small ways? Or, do you notice that he or she says more loving things sometimes or gives you small gifts or help at home?

# 2: Key Signs to Keep Trying in a Relationship

Does he or she grow up as a person? Maybe your partner in therapy, coaching or a growth course. This indicates that he or she can become much more than you want and need.

# 3: Key Signs to Keep In Touch

Does your partner become more real with you, sharing feelings and thoughts in an unassuming, honest way so that you can understand him or her? Do you find that you have more compassion for him or her over time, in a way that still carries respect?

# 4: Key Signs to Keep in a Relationship

Is he or she more attentive, appreciative, eager to see you and not happy to leave you? Is your spouse planning new dates or fun activities with you?

# 5: Key Signs to Keep in a Relationship

Have you noticed that your spouse is more interested in you and your life? In fact, do you talk more like best friends in a new intimate way?

# 6: Key Signs to Keep in a Relationship

Is he or she more verbal and physical affection? Maybe send text messages with loving emojis, give more hugs and kisses?

# 7: Key Signs to Keep in a Relationship

Does your partner want to be more romantic and sexual with you? Is he or she planning sexy dates or romantic dates?

# 8: Key Signs to Keep In Touch

Is your spouse more forgiving? Do you end up reconciling after quarrels quickly and propelling the intimacy forward.

No. 9: Key Signs to Keep Trying in a Relationship

Does he or she do spiritual or religious activities with you? Joint practice often leads to rapid improvement in your relationships over time. There is less blame and more forgiveness.

No. 10: Key Signs to Keep Trying in a Relationship

Is your partner willing to go to couple therapy or coaching to heal the relationship? This is a huge sign that things can work out well for both of you!

# 11: Key Signs to Keep in a Relationship

Does your relationship not show the following negative trends, where does it go:

  • Colder and more distant.
  • More defensive on both sides
  • More critical and silly on both sides.
  • More contempt where there is greater disrespect.

Indeed, these four trends were called the “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.” Research has shown that these four signs are almost nonsensical indicators that a relationship is on its deathbed.

In fact, if you have a positive growth trend in your marriage or relationship, you would not see these things happening. If they are present, maybe it’s time for you to move on.

Key signs to keep trying in a relationship: Mark your answers

In conclusion, if you can answer positively to # 10 and # 11 as well as at least four more questions, I suggest you roll up your sleeves and work on things. You can be very happy with what is happening with your loved one!

On the other hand, if you’re still on the fence, definitely take advantage of a free training session with one of my expert trainers.