Weekend Open Thread and Links

Hey, have a nice weekend! It was a great week for our family because Jackson and Joanie were finally, after almost 20 months since the plague began, Can get vaccinated on Thursday morning. As I write this, it has been almost 48 hours since their injections and they have reported zero side effects (not even in sore arms), so I hope it will be consistent for all children who get vaccinated with the smaller doses of children. They get their second shot in three weeks, and then shortly after, we can resume regular social activities. The kids have only had a handful of dates inside during the last 20 months, and since we learned that vaccinated people can still kidnap and move Cubid – albeit at a much lower rate than untreated people – Drew and I did not babysit or have a meal inside and were generally more careful than we were if We would not worry about infecting our unvaccinated children. We still wear masks in indoor public places – at least until under the age of 5 you can get vaccinated and transfer rates go down – but it’s so nice to move to the other side of all this difficult experience. It’s been a long road.

Anyway, this weekend we are enjoying outdoor activities: volunteering at Prospect Park, cheering on the marathons on Sunday, and (for me) some long walks (pictured above was taken on one of my walks this week). What are you up to?

Just a few links for you this weekend:

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