Weekend Open Thread

Since the kids started going back to school in September, after a year and a half at home full time, Drew and I have been trying to carve out one weekday a day for a date. We went to the beach, to museum exhibits, to long walks and to lunches, and yesterday we went to a cemetery to inspect burial plots. And they say the romance is dead. I did not think at all I cared where I was buried until yesterday when I wandered into this cemetery and suddenly felt it could be the right last resting place.

Maybe this is the age I am and the general feeling of settling in at a stage that I know / think / hope will last for a while. The excitement of the last 15 years (meeting Drew, moving to New York, getting married, moving to Brooklyn, bringing babies, buying a house, living in a plague) is mostly in the back mirror now and while I’m not ready for things to be, you know, Boring, I’m ready for the excitement to be less ‘big life moments’ and more ‘cool experiences that I feel lucky I have’. How does choosing a burial plot relate to this? I’m still thinking about it, but I suspect it’s the feeling of breaking free from a big decision that was up to us so I could focus on the now, now. And I love the now, now. Good to be here. I hope I can be here for a while (and that my need for a burial plot is very far away, but it feels good that the ball is rolling on a commitment to something so I can free up to enjoy life in the meantime!).

Anyway, I hope you too are enjoying where you are right now. I hope the pressure of almost the last two years increases a little for you or will increase soon. I hope you and your loved ones are healthy and happy and looking forward to a slightly more festive holiday season than last year. I hope you can find a balance in your work life – for those whose work has changed dramatically recently – that you are happy with, if not immediately, then maybe soon in the new year. And I hope this Thanksgiving in a few days (for us Americans, anyway) will bring up a reminder of all the things you need to feel grateful for, and that maybe it’s a little more than you felt grateful for last year.

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