16 Personalities as Marvel Characters


Ever wondered what your favorite Marvel personality is? Here is a list of each MBTI personality type that is associated with a Marvel hero or villain. If you do not know what your personality type is, check out our Marvel Personality Quiz! For more information, click the underlined personality type in each description.


INTP: Bruce Banner

As an INTP, you are constantly trying to solve the mysteries of the world. When an intellectual challenge is in front of you, you are not afraid to face it using rationality and broad knowledge. Many scientists and philosophers are INTPs, just like Bruce Banner.


Bruce Banner


INTJ: Dr. Strange

As an INTJ, you are always looking to expand your knowledge. It may be lonely for you because you get upset when others can not keep up with your quick wit and regular rational analysis. Generally, you have a close circle of like-minded people like Wong to Dr. Strange.

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange


INFP: Wanda Maximoff

As an INFP, you are quiet and restrained. You are quite an idealist and you are great at making emotional and serious connections with others as Wanda develops with Vision. Helping others is a natural thing for you.


Wanda Maximoff


INFJ: Loki

As an INFJ, you are imagining your perfect and ideal world. You take concrete action and steps towards your great visions, like Loki’s dream to rule the world. But when the push comes to push, you stand for the morally right thing.




ISTP: Hokai

As an ISTP, you are a curious spirit and accept your environment. You like to take something and innovate it to make it better than it was before. You never give up an opportunity to help others you care about, like Hawkeye’s willingness to sacrifice himself for Natasha’s sake.




ISTJ: Okoya

As an ISTJ, you have a strong sense of duty towards tradition and family. You take pride in your skills and abilities to maintain the morality you represent, like Okoya’s dedication to Wakanda and the throne.




ISFP: Captain Marvel

As an ISFP, you are in tune with the aesthetics and art around you. You hate being limited by someone or something, like Captain Marvel who fights to learn her true identity. You are great at resolving conflicts and mediating them into harmony.

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel


ISFJ: Captain America

As an ISFJ, you are a pretty extraordinary personality. Although you are considered conservative, you are surprisingly open to new ideas and changes. Your strongest trait is your desire to do good, like Captain America’s incessant struggle with evil.


Captain America


ENTP: Tony Stark

As an ENTP, you support the devil. There is no better way for you to exercise your mental skills. You have quick wit and extensive knowledge, like Tony Stark’s inventions and quick, airy remarks.

Tony Stark

Tony Stark


ENTJ: Thanos

As an ENTJ, you are a natural leader. You attract followers by guiding them toward a common goal, like Thanos with his children to bring balance back into the world. You rely on rationality so sharply that it may seem ruthless.




ENFP: Peter Parker

As an ENFP, you rarely refrain from expressing yourself. You are a free spirit and others love your company. In the audience, you tend to stand out because of your energy, like Peter Parker’s innocent humor in any situation.

Peter Parker

Peter Parker


ENFJ: Quentin Beck

As an ENFJ, you are full of charisma. You tend to get the best out of people and you have the ability to motivate those around you. This natural confidence can be used for better or worse, as Quentin Beck maneuvers Peter Parker.

Quentin Beck

Quentin Beck


ESTP: turn

As an ESTP, you significantly affect those around you. You have a great sense of humor and love being the center of attention. You often act before analyzing any result, like hitting Thanos in the chest instead of aiming for the head.




ESTJ: Obadiah Stan

As an ESTJ, you represent tradition and order. You clearly know the line between right and wrong and lead people eagerly, even in difficult ways. In the wrong hands, this personality could become manipulative, as its employees Stein mistakenly treats Tony Stark as a son.


Obadiah Stan


ESDP: Hulk

As an ESDP, you get very excited without realizing it. You are very spontaneous and want others to enjoy the moment with you. You especially like to hang out with those you care about, like Holk who has developed a real friendship with Valkyrie.




ESFJ: Janet Van Dayan

As an ESFJ, you are loved by everyone and very popular. You are very kind in every setting. When everything else is bleak, your family knows they can trust you, just as Janet Van Dayan’s family trusts her.

Janet Van Dayan

Janet Van Dayan


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