Do You Look for Honesty or Humor in Your Partner? — Boo

When someone is looking for their partner, different characteristics are important to different people. The qualities that are important to one are not the same as the qualities that are important to others. It depends on your personal beliefs, background, past experiences and many other factors. Sometimes, certain traits can be almost universally important for one personality type. When asked which of the two traits is most important to one person, the options are often similar in some way. In this survey we asked people which characteristic is most important to them: honesty or humor. Honesty and humor are often not laid against each other in this way, but they are still two of the most popular traits people display when discussing their preferences. The results of the survey are at the top of this graph.

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Survey results: % Who said honesty
ESTJ – 77
ISFJ – 76
ENTJ – 75
ISTJ – 74
INFJ – 72
ENFJ – 71
INTJ – 68
INFP – 66
ISTP – 66
ISFP – 61
ESFJ – 58
INTP – 57
ESTP – 48
ENFP – 45
ESDP – 33
ENTP – 32