Save the Date #16 Ditch those bad dating habits | Evan Marc Katz

Today I am joined by author, podcast host and dating coach Owen Mark Katz, who focuses his expertise on how to help strong and successful women find an ongoing relationship that suits them best. Alexa, play “Single Ladies” and let’s get into it.

This is “Save the Date”, a dating survival kit from Coffee Meets Bagel. In each episode, our chief dating manager, Dawoon Kang, sat down with a guest expert to address some of your most burning dating wishes and examine what it takes to eventually reach your goals: go on great dates that lead to an ongoing and serious relationship.

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Why Owen coaches only single women [0:55]

Common challenges that Owen sees among his clients [6:53]

Five non-negotiable must-have items [11:09]

The most common problem that female clients face [18:33]

Expectations that interfere with the success of dating [23:26]

Funds and status-related expectations [29:07]

Preview of the Evan’s Love U course [33:36]

The best dating advice Ivan has ever received [41:33]

a means:


“People compromise on the wrong traits and do not realize it until it is too late. Without character, courtesy, consistency, communication and commitment, you will never be happy.”

“It’s easy to help men because so many men are not good at the art of dating or understanding women. A bit does go a very long way for a man who wants to improve himself.”

“People cling to dramatic relationships. We get used to these relationships. We normalize those relationships. It should be easy, and you should never get anything less than that.”

“Compromise and settlement involve the same thing. Both involve compromises. However, compromise is a compromise that you are happy with. Compromise is a compromise that you are not happy with.”

“You do not have to fundamentally change who you are to find lasting love. You just have to choose better partners that are more suitable for you. Once you do that, relationships are easy.”

“Do not take on a guy who will be a great friend only if he changes. Men do not hire you to be their advisors. They want to be fully accepted. You have to assume that’s it.”

“There is more to relationships than marrying someone who is most impressive. We do not value the person. If your relationship is 10, you might want to hold on to it.”

“No one wants to give up the list he had in mind that he insists he deserves. There is nothing wrong with dating sites. The way we use them is the problem.”

“Do not value the person, value the relationship when you compare your exes side by side. How is the relationship? That’s the thing to preserve.”

“Relationships don’t have to be work, they require effort. Good relationships don’t have that normalized feeling of anxiety. If you’re constantly on the edge, you’re in the wrong relationship.”