How to Believe in Yourself When You Feel Deserted

Feeling overwhelmed by dating and love? Wondering how to believe in yourself when you feel abandoned?
Dating is daunting. When you are haunted, crumbled in bread, rejected or betrayed, it can start to become almost impossible to believe in yourself.

You begin to feel that something is wrong with you. You resent couples who seem happy. Or you think you’re too old, too fat, too old to find love. That you just do not have a soul mate. I know. I was there.

But the good news is that I learned simple hacks that will help me believe in myself. And you can too!
You have everything you need to create the relationship – and life – of your dreams. And you are loved and loved just as you are!
The problem is that the little voice inside your head does not let you believe it … so it keeps you stuck.
Well, enough! You will be amazed at what can happen in your life when you learn to truly believe in yourself. 👍👍👍 Here are my top 7 strategies for how to believe in yourself when you feel abandoned.

How to believe in yourself when you feel abandoned: Use statements

  • Statements are most effective when they are inspired by positive statements, for example, Surprisingly easily and effortlessly I am learning to love myself. I create a soul love that is just right for me. “”Intuitively I know how to handle my relationship so that it will work out even better than expected“Or” the blessings are coming to me today. “
  • Repeat your favorite statement several times a day.

How to believe in yourself when you feel abandoned: Use sticky notes

  • Post a sticky note on the mirror in your bathroom that says, “I deserve a great day the day that begins now” Oh, ” “Every day in every way I get better and better.” or, “I am kind and loved just as I am.” Since this will be the first thing you see in the morning, it can set the pace for a more positive day.
  • Consider putting some positive notes in other places, such as your refrigerator, near your computer, in your closet, and so on. This way you will see positive and uplifting messages throughout your day!

How to believe in yourself when you feel abandoned: Write down your negative thoughts and feelings

  • Negative thoughts can undermine a lot of good intentions and efforts in life.
  • Write down your negative thoughts and ask yourself, “Is this a fact or a feeling?” If this is a fact, it cannot be changed. If it is a feeling, remember that all emotions can be changed and indeed they will change.
  • Next, write down the opposite – or positive – expression of all the negative thoughts; for example, “I can not do that” Becomes “I can do it surprisingly easily and effortlessly.”

How to believe in yourself when you feel abandoned: Open an attitude of gratitude

  • Write down all the things you are grateful for right now.
  • Practice being grateful for even the smallest positive things. Your gratitude skills will improve over time. This is the rock of happiness! 💖

How to believe in yourself when you feel abandoned: Think of a future perspective

  • Ask yourself “Will this breakup be important in half a year?”
  • A lot of your worries are mental disorder and you will not have it in your head at all!

How to believe in yourself when you feel abandoned: Call or send a message to a friend

  • It helps to take your focus away from your negative thoughts and feelings and instead put the focus outside of yourself.
  • Just listening to a friend is great not only for him but also for you.
  • It’s simple: helping others creates good feelings in us. It makes us feel more talented and kind.

How to believe in yourself when you feel abandoned: Surround yourself with positive people

  • Positive people tend to improve the moods of the people around them. If you spend time with happy people you will find that their moods and attitude are contagious.
  • Talking to a Love Mentor trainer is a good example of this. It’s like having a fairy godmother 🧚 and a little more!
  • A love mentor will show you the simple tips and powerful techniques you can use to increase your self-belief and add to the joy of your life!

And as my gift to you, sign up for a free love mentor meeting specifically designed to help you believe in yourself. It can change your life, starting today.
Here is what Conservative sent me by email right after her gift session:
“Thank you for changing consciousness for me! My ah-ha moment !!! I know I deserve juicy and lasting love and I feel safe in a whole new way.”

Confirmation of your love for today: I recognize the gift that I am