How to Write an Introductory Message

Online dating has opened, for so many of us, a door we thought was closed. With online dating, love is no longer something that happens by chance, but something we can reach for and grasp with both hands.

Our online dating profiles become a representation of ourselves, our personality and our ideals, but they can not speak for us. Instead, this role is ours, and if you want to succeed, you better understand the introductory email. Simple in format but (often) paralyzing in practice, we were all caught up with what to write in an introductory email.

So, first thing; Do not panic, you have all the time in the world. Unlike traditional dating, no one is asking you to be brilliant at the moment, you have enough time to sit down and write a message that you are happy with. With that in mind, here are our top tips for writing the perfect introductory email:

Show interest in them as a person

Often when you send an opening message, all you have to do is continue the content of their profile. Each well-written profile will have countless small details that are eye-catching, so remember what he impressed you with enough to write the post in the first place. Maybe it was a mention of a few years living abroad, a certain hobby or just a silly joke you appreciated.

By displaying your message about their interests rather than their physical appearance, it will be so easy for the recipient of your message to respond with an eye. Remember that the person you are sending this message to probably has 20 mailbox messages called “Hey, you are hot / cute / beautiful / handsome”, so stand out from the crowd.

Do not complicate things too much

Among teens surfing the Internet, there is some common slang for long and tedious posts that should never have been more than 50 words long – tl; dr (too long; I have not read). While we may be at our best when we speak in words, the thought of reading a 1,000 word message from someone you do not know can be daunting.

Keep your opening message light, short, seductive and interesting. Remember, you have a profile to tell them everything about you, so let it do the heavy work. The purpose of the introductory message is simply to let someone you are interested in and get excited to know him a little better.

Write with calm confidence

The best messages never come from a place of absolute security (to the point of arrogance), but they also do not come from fear of what the reaction will be. The best tone to take is one of calm self-confidence, stemming from knowing that no matter how much you are interested, the world will not collapse if you do not get the response you are looking for.

Be yourself – always

This is a cliché, of course, but being yourself when you send this opening message is the surest way to get a response. No matter who you are, deep down you know you have more to offer through an opening message than “hey stunning”. Be fun, be weird, be interesting, be unique, be you!