How to stay safe – Online dating

Online dating has skyrocketed in popularity over the past decade, leading to a change in the public perception of the practice. This has led to more people than ever finding love and a huge increase in the visibility of online dating, which can only be a good thing.

However, it also means that public sensitivity to the negative press has increased as many people perceive online dating as “unsafe”, even though they have not taken part in it themselves.

So is online dating safe, and what steps should you take to ensure your safety? Join us as we watch.

The history of the ‘safety’ crisis of online dating

We can trace the narrative of ‘danger’ around online dating not only to the earliest dating days, but to the dawn of the internet itself, when fear reigned supreme. After all, how could you really trust someone, when you could not see or hear him?

The internet was a huge promise, but for most people, it was a scary and confusing place, a situation that did not benefit from the general lawlessness and high entry prices. So, when online dating came along, that fear found a new home.

This hunger for skepticism has driven an infinity of articles and thought articles that have questioned the motives of those who use online dating and service safety, and although tens of millions of ongoing relationships have now been created through these platforms, an ongoing perception of online dating is unsafe. Live on.

So is online dating unsafe?

The answer, with a few exceptions, is no – at least, not as dangerous as any other form of dating.

The vast majority of people on dating sites are just like you, kind-hearted singles looking for love and intimacy. However, there are always people who want to take advantage of the sincerity and profit from the true intentions of others.

It is no different from traditional dating, but because of the popular narrative – driven by fear, these people have gained a disproportionate amount of coverage.

Today, online dating sites include comprehensive reporting tools, financial fraud protection and HTTPS support built directly into the websites so you can be sure your banking information stays safe.

What tips should I follow to stay safe online?

Maintaining online safety is easier than it has ever been before, but there are some useful tips to keep in mind if you want to stay completely safe. they:

  • Choose an anonymous username. Staying anonymous on your profile means that if a conversation takes an awkward turn, you can leave it behind without fear of it reappearing on your other social media platforms.
  • Meet in a public place. If your conversations have reached a point where you both get excited about the face-to-face meeting, you should always do so in a public place. If you are really unsure, why not bring a friend for a drink before the date where you can settle down on the date and feel comfortable?
  • Close and report any conversation you feel is making you. As we mentioned, there are always people who want to ruin a good thing, and scammers do exist (though they are rare). Thus, if you feel pressured or deceived into providing your bank details or sending money, close the call and report it using the sites reporting tool.